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The Valid Customer Journey Model

A Starter Guide To Establish & Expand Your Own Customer Journeys Frameworks

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Marketing Transformation - Moving past classic marketing mode

There was a time when marketing made all the rules. Professionals just like you and me would...

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Marketing Strategy - how to map your marketing strategy to work for agile marketing

Data-driven marketing gains traction with Agile Marketing and strategy is more important than ever.

How the right data brings about the right kind of collaboration

Pivot towards conversations that are aligned and productive for the entire marketing team and your stakeholders.

Agile Marketing - Establishing the right foundation to put (and keep) your brand on top

Here are the three primary best practices for agile marketing transformation. How do you stack up?

Data Workflow Integration - bring your data to life on a whole new level

Here’s how you can improve business value creation with your company’s data, starting today.

Digital Transformation can’t happen without Agile Marketing

How Zuckerberg’s time on The Hill makes that clear.

The three business fundamentals to succeed at digital transformation

Here are how the three primary fundamentals of modern-day business both explain the challenge for digital transformation and predict the solution as well.

Digital Transformation - An idea whose time has come

Digital Transformation could be the difference between how your organization thinks it might win and how it actually will.

The best way to navigate marketing's transformation

There's one simple little secret that will help get you through the maze without suffering damage or harm.