Marketing Strategy - how to map your marketing strategy to work for agile marketing

Data-driven marketing gains traction with Agile Marketing and strategy is more important than ever

As it was stated over and over again at the recent MarTech conference in Boston, Agile Marketing continues to gain equity. It’s how marketing departments are transforming themselves to drive greater business value and stay in sync with technology.

The best agile marketing programs are rooted in strategy and align with the Chief Marketing Officer’s objectives. So how do you map your strategy so that it can be implemented using Agile Marketing?

Great strategy is succinct. It establishes the business problem that needs to be solved and in so doing creates a vision. Once your objectives and measures have been defined it’s a good opportunity to war-room with your team(s). Just to establish clear lines of communication and get some ideas flowing.

So what you can do from there is begin to structure your backlog for implementation.

And you can do this with a strategy brief, a creative brief, a swot analysis, a balanced scorecard, a blue ocean strategy, five forces and any other approach you might have to establish your strategy.

You can call this process decomposition. That’s the process of mapping your strategy into an agile marketing workflow. You break down the individual aspects of the strategy and they work as seeds that can grow into stories.

So that’s the approach for individual initiatives but what about enterprise Agile Marketing deployments where you have many Agile Marketing teams (or what I call, a team of teams).

In that case, you can translate your overall strategy into a series of value streams. So what you can do is create a list of your different initiatives and establish a relative value for each program. Then you can prioritize and assign budgetary resources to each line item. That will help you to determine which individual project strategies should first be created and then mapped for implementation.

Agile Marketing creates alignment, greater productivity, and transparency within the organization. Having a clear approach to mapping your strategy to implementation is an important step.

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