Agile Marketing Transformation

The best way to navigate marketing's transformation

There's one simple little secret that will help get you through the maze without suffering damage or harm

Compared to many other professions, advertising and marketing moves at a clip. There are new ad-units, new platforms, and new standards released daily and the fundamental concepts that worked in the past no longer do because consumer behavior adapts at nearly the same pace.

At VALID, we're not big on status quo. Moving ahead is what gets us charged. If you’re like us then you'd agree that today’s marketing needs new methods, new processes, and new perspectives.

There’s no doubt that winning in today’s marketing landscape absolutely requires the right data and having all of your stakeholders aligned with its measures and outcomes.

Without that step, you can’t test new theories on what will provide the most productivity through your marketing programs, or see what works to manage marketing operations.

What was often cost prohibitive in the past is now doable, all thanks to the following three things.

1.) There has been a democratization of data through the adoption of standards to support universal application programming interfaces (API’s). REST-based API’s are now standard with all types of systems that support your marketing programs.

2.) Cloud-based technology has hit a stride and the cost of computing power and storage is more affordable than ever.

3.) Rich tools for data visualization and data discovery have matured and no longer require on-premise installations to burden IT.

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