Digital Transformation can’t happen without Agile Marketing

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The morning Zuckerberg showed up in DC the snow had finally melted, the air was warming up, and the cherry blossoms along the Patomic were starting to bloom. He went on to answer 600 questions on Capital Hill. Some said he came across as immature, some said he misrepresented the truth, and others thought he seemed like a nice fella.

But here’s the real story. It’s not about privacy. It’s not about regulation. It’s not about Zuckerberg or Facebook. The real story is about our industry. A week before Zuck showed up in the District, Bloomberg reported that, together, Clinton & Trump ran ~6 million different Facebook ads.

Marketing has changed at lightening speed. Just a few years ago it was considered customary for a campaign to be made up of a few highly produced ads. Now, we’re in the millions.

How do we evolve to manage that big, big change? Most of the industry hasn’t. Most are still struggling with Digital Transformation. For good reason. It’s not easy. New ways of working require new ways of organizing work.

Which brings me to my point.

Digital Transformation can’t happen without Agile Marketing.

Agile Marketing is how:
* Campaign productivity is quantified at scale.
* Data is put to work.
* Teams manage the influx

Again, this really hasn’t been a story about Facebook. It’s only one channel. The need to truly transform - to go faster, to do more with less, to use the data - applies to all of our channels.

Make it VALID.