How the right data brings about the right kind of collaboration

Pivot towards conversations that are aligned and productive for the entire marketing team and your stakeholders

Let's examine two Senior Vice Presidents each responsible for different aspects of a single organization’s performance. We'll call them Neil and Shannon.

If you had asked Neil and Shannon, they would each have said that their roles and responsibilities were largely unrelated most of the time.

The more the organization evolved – the more it matured – the more it became clear how interrelated and collaborative their two roles needed to be.

There would be times in certain meetings where that fact was painfully obvious but there was something in the way.

There’s a little-known secret that companies who have embraced business intelligence and marketing information management know well. Data is a catalyst for effective collaboration. The world is self-organizing by the hierarchy of importance today more than ever because time is at such a premium. It’s the most cherished asset any of us have – personally or professionally. So we have to prioritize. We have to set goals.

Factor in that fact that leaders, at any level, are primarily motivated by aligning their success with that of their organization. So it becomes obvious – goals illuminate supporting objectives – supporting objectives illuminate tactics – tactics, KPI’s and so on. Next thing you know, everyone’s singing from the same song-sheet.

Right? Well…

As @benrossi89 wrote for @InformationAge:

“The gray zone between CMOs and CIOs, created by marketing’s new-found reliance on data and analytics, is leading to an internal friction that inhibits the business”

That friction was present with Neil and Shannon. You could cut it with a knife at times. So what happened to change that? More on that in a second.

Effective collaboration is about:

- Mutual interest

- Clearly defined roles

- Complementary functions

And it's about communication, trust, and transparency.

With VALID's help, Neil and Shannon discovered that the major component working against them was a lack of transparency. They were missing the right data and the right workflow to allow for it.

Once they were able to connect the dots, they were able to work together as a team and improve performance. Not by just a little. By a lot. Over 300%.

Once you connect the dots with a marketing information management solution, the rest is downhill as they say. Conversations that once were arduous and full of static are now aligned and energized.

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